Founded in January 2007, the Prime Translate Company offers high-quality interpretation and translation services.

Our Services

  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Written translation
  • Rental of simultaneous interpretation equipment

Why We Make a Difference

Prime Translate has a team of in-house and freelance linguists possessing practical work experience and terminology proficiency in public governance, computer science, business, law, economics, marketing, energy, education, healthcare, IT, tourism, automotive and more. We provide high-quality professional language services to domestic and international organizations, individuals, public institutions and private companies operating or visiting Kazakhstan and around the globe.

We specialize in the following language pairs:

English to Russian and Russian to English

Russian to Kazakh and Kazakh to Russian

German to Russian and Russian to German

French to Russian and Russian to French

Our core approach is founded upon our attention to detail and individual needs of each client, as well as the provision of timely services at affordable rates and high quality.

Confidentiality is our priority, and on top of following the provisions of the intellectual property law, we also make every effort to ensure confidentiality of personal and professional information.

Skillful Management of Your Translation Project

Through the expertise of our team of written translators supervised by project managers, your translation or localization project is guaranteed to be completed on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards, ensuring terminology and style consistency throughout. Translation and localization is a team effort that–depending on the project needs–can involve translators, editors, graphic designers, customer service professionals, localization professionals, and it is our fine-tuned project management that enables us to coordinate their efforts to produce translation products that will exceed your expectations.

Awards and Certificates

Our Clients